The Trait Game Prototype

The second game I prototyped has been a lot more complicated to create than the first one. This was one based on the ideas I came up with from The Game of Life and The Mad Game. Basically, your personality, gender and job you are given in the game determines how well you do ‘in life.’

I started off by creating 12 JOB cards

  • Nanny
  • Fashion designer
  • Industrial designer
  • Scientist
  • Pro Athlete
  • Astronaut
  • Chef
  • Entrepreneur
  • Teacher
  • Engineer
  • Stay at Home Parent
  • Nurse

I tried to come up with 6 stereotypical female jobs and 6 stereotypical male jobs to have both ends of the spectrum. From this I then created 6 FEMALE gender cards and 6 MALE gender cards.

The other set of cards I created were 12 TRAIT cards

  • Empathetic (understanding, supportive, sensitive)
  • Organised (attention to detail, productive, can’t “go with the flow”)
  • Competitive (motivated, independent, not a “team player”)
  • Open (imaginative, broad range of interests, naive)
  • Ambitious (determined to succeed, enthusiastic, aggressive)
  • Cautious (attentive, avoids potential problems/dangers, scared of new things)
  • Co-operative (agreeable, trustworthy, not very opinionated)
  • Social (talkative, energetic, loud)
  • Reserved (good listener, quiet, observational)
  • Spontaneous (impulsive, adventurous, thoughtless)
  • Logical (analytical, structural thinking, lacks empathy)
  • Creative (expressive, innovative, unfocused)

For each trait I wrote 2 good and 1 bad point about it to show that each personality can have benefits and hinderances in life.

Within my game, I then also have 2 sets of cards which are on the board. Think with your head cards and think with your heart cards. The aim of the game is to collect the most head and heart points. Under these cards there could be several things –

  • Events that happen in life (traits affect number of points on these)
  • If you are… cards (job and gender effect number of points on these)
  • Roll again
  • Skip next turn
  • Move back/forward x number of spaces
  • Swap a job/gender/trait with another player
  • Move the job/gender/trait cards around 1 player to left/right

To come up with the events that happen in life I decided that each trait should have 3 cards where that trait is the top benefit.

For example

“You quit your job to go travelling. If you are SPONTANEOUS collect 3 heart points, CREATIVE collect 2 heart points, OTHER collect 1 heart point”

Each trait would get 3 chances to have 3 heart/head points then the event would also have a “2nd place” trait and then any other traits would get 1 point. This would then make it so each trait has the potential of being the best one to have in the game.

For each trait, I managed to come up with nearly 3 scenarios where they would fit together well however CAUTIOUS I could not think of any so decided to cut this one out of the game. Some of them don’t have 3 situations yet but for now as a prototype, this is something I can work out later.

Once these were done I also needed to connect the gender and jobs together. So I did the cards like this example –

“If you are… FEMALE collect 3 heart points, INDUSTRIAL DESIGNER collect 1 heart point, BOTH collect 5 heart points.”

I tried to make it so that it promoted opposite gender stereotypes so each stereotypically male job had FEMALE as its bonus combination and ever stereotypically female job had MALE as its bonus combination.

Rules/how to play


To start of play each player picks out a gender and trait out of the decks.

Then everyone rolls the dice to see who goes first, highest roller starts the game.

The first round of the game is all about childhood, school and education part of life. The players go around this either landing on a spot which would have some sort of situation e.g You get an A* on your English GCSE collect x head points or land on a head/heart card space where they would have to pick a card and follow the instructions on it.

There are also spaces where they can swap a trait with a player on this round. When they arrive at the end of the round they would have to have x amount of head and heart points to then progress to the next stage. If they don’t have enough points they have to go around this section again and again until they can progress.

When they do move to the next round which is based on adulthood and a career they pick up a career card and get the opportunity to swap their gender and trait for new ones if they want. They then again progress around the board following the instructions on the spaces with life situations, picking up cards or swapping trait/gender/career.

Then when they get to the end of this round they would need x amount of head and heart points to ‘retire’ and finish the game. The first player to get the right amount of points and land on retire wins the game.




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