How to make a game addictive?

After speaking with my tutor we discussed how playing a board game is usually a family activity that happens once every now and again, so my next step was to try and think of ways that I could make my game something which children would want to keep coming back too.


After some brainstorming I came up with a few different routes I could possibly take my game. I based it on the second prototype, the game of life reinvented as I feel like this theme has more scope to project my views on gender stereotypes.


One route I could take is making the game into collectables. Could the different traits and jobs be parts that can be bought and built up as a collection where the children could combine different parts to get new bonuses. The game could have portable boards which just fold up as a leaflet and then could be played on the playground. It could become a trend where everyone is trying to get each part, bonus parts could come out etc like things such as Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh and Crazy bones.

These games also made me think that this could be some sort of trading card game, maybe remove the board all together so it can be played anywhere, you could get new packs of cards.


My only problems with these ideas is that I am not sure whether it is too ambitious and whether I would be able to come up with ways of making extra parts/cards as time went on. I don’t know whether the theme of the game would match with this type of gameplay.


Another route I thought of was keeping it as a board game but making it something that could be updated/changed as time went on to keep it current and fresh. The part of the game with the head and heart cards is a major element. What if these cards were completely removed and on the board they were just QR codes. When someone lands on a heart or head space they would then use an app on their smart phone/tablet to see what happens. This could then mean that the game could have notifications with updates about new situations in the game possibly changing based on current events in the news or the time of year. This then also prevents anyone realising that I am trying to promote opposite gender stereotypes as they would have no clue how many possible combinations there are. It would also take the tactics element out the game but I don’t think this is problem as keeping it completely down to chance would make it more fun and easier for any player to possibly win. I could even include some sort of VR/AR technology to make it interactive.


I really like this idea and think it will be a possible route that I will continue to develop. It brings board games into a more modern world.


Then the only other route I could think of was if the game was an app, scrap the board, scrap the cards and make it all digitally based. Players could then play online with other people. App games can be very addictive and if the app updates regularly then this would keep players coming back.

Even though I like the idea of doing app I don’t think I want to lose the physical attributes of the game. It is definitely something I will be considering though and could possibly be combined with the board game or just be an alternative way of playing it.

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