Proud Parent Prototype game

After re-designing several classic board games I decided to then go on to try and prototype a couple of my own games using the elements and ideas I had gathered together.

The first game was based around becoming a proud parent. I chose this theme as my main aim for final major project is to try and encourage males into more stereotypical female roles, one of these being a stay at home parent. However I kept the game gender neutral so it doesn’t look like boys are being forced to play this game, it can be played by anyone. The elements I had taken for this game were from one of monopoly re-designs.


The board is split up into 4 stages of a child’s life, 0-5 years old, 6-10 years old, 11-15 years old and 16-20 years old. On the board, there would be different events on the spaces e.g “Your child gets a detention at school” +1 DISSAPOINTMENT where you gain PRIDE or DISSAPOINTMENT.

The rules were as follows

To start off with each person chooses a play token out of –

  • Susan, single mum
  • Darren, single dad
  • Karen + Mark, married couple
  • Molly + Beth, civil partnership couple
  • Tom + Dan, civil partnership couple

I chose these tokens to try and keep the game diverse in that anyone/any set of people can be parents.

Next each player rolls the dice to see who goes first, the highest roller begins the game. The first player then rolls and moves clockwise around the board.


  • If you land on a PRIDE space pick up a card and leave it face down till the end of the game, these get turned over at the end and added to your final total
  • If you land on a DISSAPOINTMENT  space, pick up a card. These can be used against other players when you want at the beginning of your turn, they have different things on like “Send a player to the social worker”/”Move forward 3 spaces and follow instructions”/”Your child has a tantrum in public +3 DISSAPOINTMENT points”
  • If you land on social worker or get sent there by another player you have to stay there for 3 goes, if you roll a double you can leave, you must start at the beginning of the age group you were in before being sent there. You also get to lose 1 DISSAPOINTMENT point during your stay there
  • If you land on “have another child” you start the board again, when you gain children your points multiply as you land on spaces. e.g 2 children x2 PRIDE x2 DISSAPOINTMENT on each space as you go round
  • The game ends when someone lands on the FINISH spot, every player then adds up their PRIDE point and cards they collected, then adds up their DISSAPOINTMENT points. You then do PRIDE-DISSAPOINTMENT for your final score
  • The highest scoring player wins!

After playing the game (against myself) I realised that the gameplay was way too short. The game finished after about 10 minutes, this was down to having 2 dice and the fact that you don’t keep going around the board, it is more of a race to the finish game.

I liked the concept of this game with becoming a “proud parent” so I am definitely going to keep it in mind for the future when creating more protoypes.


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