Research into fun and gameplay

This morning I have took a step back from designing and researched into fun and gameplay. I found a book which was really interesting called “A theory of fun for game design” by Raph Koster. I have had a read through it and taken excerpts and points from it which are relevant to my project … Read more

Hasbro feedback

Yesterday I emailed off my proposal for my current ‘trait’ game to Patrick Otley, a previous designer of family board games at hasbro. He has since got back to me today with some really good feedback that has made me rethink my current game – “Hey Toni, Thanks for your thorough description of your project! … Read more

Minor Interim/Creating a “My First” version of the trait game

This week I had my minor interim. I presented my 2 ideas for games and the 4 routes I made for making the trait game more addictive. Ian and Mark really liked the trait game and suggested that I make the version I have as an older game, make a simpler version, a “My First” … Read more

How to make a game addictive?

After speaking with my tutor we discussed how playing a board game is usually a family activity that happens once every now and again, so my next step was to try and think of ways that I could make my game something which children would want to keep coming back too. After some brainstorming I … Read more

The Trait Game Prototype

The second game I prototyped has been a lot more complicated to create than the first one. This was one based on the ideas I came up with from The Game of Life and The Mad Game. Basically, your personality, gender and job you are given in the game determines how well you do ‘in … Read more