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Board Game Analysis and Re-design – The Mad Game

Continuation of board game analysis task…

The Mad Game

Type of game: Joke/Family Game

Age range: 8+

Number of players: 2-4

Aim of the game: “To be the first player to lose – repeat, LOSE – all of your money.”

How to play:

  • Shuffle the Card cards, then create a draw pile by placing the Card cards face down on their space on the board
  • Select a player to be the Banker, they separate the money by denomination, place 1 $500 bill under TOUGH LUCK and hand each player their set amount of money
  • Each player chooses a piece and places it on the START square
  • Each player rolls the die, the person with the lowest roll goes first
  • The game then proceeds to go next to the person to the right
  • To start playing roll both dice and move the number of spaces that you roll
  • Roll only with your left hand, if you roll with your right each player gives you $500
  • If you land on a space that says to take a Card card, take the one of the top and follow its directions
  • If you land on a double arrow, roll 1 die with your left hand and move according to your roll
  • If you are starting your turn on an inner track, roll 1 die only
  • The winner is the first player to lose all of his/her money


  • 1 gameboard
  • 2 dice
  • 4 playing pieces
  • Stack of playing money
  • Card cards

Interestingly I found these cards in the “Card cards” –


As losing is the point of this game, the girls actually have a benefit for one card. Not anything that crazy but just interesting that they have cards based on gender in the game.

How could it be re-designed?


For The Mad Game the major elements are

  • Money/Losing money

The minor elements are

  • Tokens
  • Card cards

Within this game there are lots of spaces and “Card cards” that say things like “If you are magnificent lose $500” so I thought a way of changing this to match the topic of gender would be to create new statements for the game. Splitting these into 2 piles of cards, adults and children to keep it as a family game –

ADULT 1 – “If you have more than 2 children lose $500, if not gain $1000” – this could subconsciously teach children that having children is a positive (especially to boys)

ADULT 2 – “If you are a male nurse lose $5000, if not gain $1000” – even though this is quite specific, a lot of the spaces in The Mad Game are a bit out there, this would teach children subconsciously that male nurses are a positive

CHILD 1 – “If your favourite colour is pink lose $1000, if not gain $500” – shows that pink is a good colour to like no matter what gender.

CHILD 2 – “If you’re under 4ft lose $1000, if not gain $1000” – boys are usually self-conscious about their height if they are small, this would promote that being short can be a positive thing.

After this I then thought what if instead of basing it on the actual player’s attributes, you got given attributes at the beginning randomly. You pick if you’re a girl/boy, you pick a career, you pick if your tall/short and you pick a favourite colour. These could build up your character profile and then certain combinations could have benefits e.g if you got male and nurse. This could be done in the form of 4 cards or actually building your player. The head could be the gender, the torso could be the job, you could get an extra block if your tall and the legs could be your favourite colour. This way of it being completely random means the game doesn’t judge you on your real life attributes.

Analysis of game: When creating the second part of this game, building a character I thought this would be a great game, it’s completely random which means no judgement is passed and helps promote that “nurse” and “male” is a positive attribute to have. The game could have all sorts of combinations and is one I am definitely going to develop on.

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