Board Game Analysis and Re-design – Monopoly

Continuation of board game analysis task…
Monopoly – Here & Now Electronic Version

Type of game: Classic/Family Game
Age range: 8+
Number of players: 2-6
Aim of the game: “To be the only player left in the game after everyone else has gone bankrupt.”
How to play:

  • At the beginning of the game choose one player to be banker, the banker is in charge of the banker unit, Title Deed cards, auctions and apartments and hotels
  • Roll both dice, the highest roller starts, play continues clockwise
  • On your turn, roll the dice and move that number of squares
  • Dependent on the space you land on different things happen –
  • Buy the property you land on (if not owned by another player)
  • Get the banker to auction the property (if you don’t want to buy it)
  • Pay rent (if the property is owned by another player)
  • Pay taxes
  • Draw a Chance or Community Chest card
  • Go to jail
  • Once you own a colour group, you can build apartments and hotels on those sites
  • If you run out of money, sell your apartments/hotels, mortgage or sell properties to pay off your creditors. If you can’t raise enough funds to pay rent, tax or a bill, you are declared bankrupt and are out of the game
  • If you roll a double, you take your turn and as normal and get to roll again, roll three doubles and you go to jail
  • Continue until one player is left in the game, this player is the winner!


  • 1 gameboard
  • 1 banker unit
  • 6 player pieces
  • 28 Title Deed cards
  • 16 Chance cards
  • 16 Community Chest cards
  • 6 Monopoly bank cards
  • 32 green apartments
  • 12 red hotels
  • 2 dice

How could it be re-designed?
For Monopoly the major elements are

  • Title Deed cards
  • Apartments/Hotels
  • Making money
  • Cards/card machine

The minor elements are

  • Paying tax spaces
  • Go to jail space
  • Player tokens
  • Community Chest cards
  • Chance cards
  • Rolling double, roll again
  • Getting 2M for passing go
  • Double money for landing on go

This game is quite complicated but I managed to think of 2 possible re-designs.
The first way would probably be more aimed at getting girls into power roles in business. The aim of the game would be to get elected as Prime Minister by collecting votes. The making money element would swap to collecting votes. You would be running your own campaign throughout the game, properties could be campaign visits to different communities/cities/towns where you pay for them in votes to build alliances/followers. These could be upgraded like the apartments/hotels but as supporters instead, the more supporters on the campaign visit spot, the more votes would have to be “paid” to you by other players. I also thought the chance cards/community chest cards could contain statements such as
“You were caught in an email scandal, lose 500 votes.”
After this, I tried to think how I would get boys into a more feminine role seen as that was my aim for final major project. To do this I changed the game to an adopting game/parent game. The tokens would change to humans and you could choose to be a male/female parent or a couple. The way it would work would be a points based system instead of money. The points can be gained by collecting Pride or lost, by Disappointment. The property spaces could be milestones such as “18th birthday” or “Learnt to walk” and when “bought” with Pride points other parents in the game would have to pay “rent” with their Pride points. The other way I thought this could be done was if the property spaces were ‘children,’ you could adopt the children with Pride points. Collecting a group of children would be like collecting siblings and then milestones could replace apartments/hotels as ways of “upgrading” the children. The point of the game would be to have the most Pride points and therefore being the proudest parent. The chance and community chest cards could change to Pride and Disappointment cards
Pride card example – One of your children cleaned their room without being told to – collect 50 points
Disappointment card example – One of your children got caught shoplifting – lose 50 points
I also thought the ‘go to jail space’ could change to ‘go to the social worker.’
Analysing these games: When I first looked at Monopoly I thought it was going to be impossible to re-design. However, both ideas have some substance to them. If I was to continue with one of them it would have to be the parent idea as the Primer Minister game would definitely be aimed at getting more women into power and my main objective for final major project is getting more males into nurturing/stereotypical feminine roles. The adopting children game may be a bit ‘silly’ but I can actually imagine people playing it and I think it would put a fun twist on being a parent.

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