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Exploration Finished!

So I have been a bit quiet since Christmas trying to finish all of my exploration project ready for tomorrows deadline, I have got 2 books and all my appendices, printed, sketched etc.
This is my final research book showing every research task I have taken out, I got it printed hardback and glossy to look like a children’s book, some of the pages are interactive which I have shown below during the slideshow. I have done this to make my book a bit more playful and fun to tie in with my chosen topic.

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If you would like to read it properly I have also uploaded it to ISSUU below –

The second book I completed was a mini briefs book, I made this book myself by printing out and sticking in the pages with text and then creating some brainstorming pages for each brief followed by a few ideas and my final thoughts. Please feel free to read through both of the books and let me know your thoughts, what you think of my ideas and any suggestions for where my final major project should go with this.

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Final thoughts from exploration
After creating all my mini briefs and brainstorming several ideas I think the route I would want to go down is either encouraging males into feminine roles or encouraging androgyny. These could then be combined with changing the parents mindset and reducing gender stereotypes in marketing as these 2 mini briefs were both too difficult to come up with ideas on their own but would sit well with the two routes I am thinking of taking.
Even though the route of encouraging males into feminine roles will be a difficult task I really believe that there is a gap in the market for these types of toys. Nearly all of my research has pointed to this direction and the more I have done about it the more I really want to challenge this stigma. I feel very passionate about this topic now I have explored gender roles in toy design, I really do think the positive discrimination for girls will be having a negative impact on boys. Gender equality should be equal on both sides so why are we not encouraging males to be feminine like we encourage females to take on masculine roles?
The other route of encouraging androgyny would be good to go down as there is a gap here too, I could help both genders adopt male and female traits to become more well rounded individuals.  If I cannot come up with anything solid enough to encourage males into feminine roles this will be my ‘back up’ route to go down.
Stay tuned for my final major project starting on the 16th Jan! For now I have dissertation to do for Monday 9th and then I am off on a 4 day holiday for a break in Germany 🙂

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