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REBLOG: Dads deserve more time off with their kids.

Found this article which is quite relevant to my exploration subject, men can be stay at home Dad’s and there should be no stigma in wanting to spend time with their kids. Could I create boys toys which encourage them to be more nurturing? Dolls specifically for boys? This is normally a more stereotypically feminine role but if women can be like men why can’t men be like women? If the world wants gender equality it needs to work both ways.
In the U.S., dads who want to take time off to be with their kids may also face a stigma, according to Scott Coltrane, a sociologist at the University of Oregon. Coltrane told The Wall Street Journal in June 2013:
“There’s still a stigma associated with men who put parenting on an equal footing with their jobs. Most employers still assume that work comes first for men, while women do all the child care.”
A June 2016 survey conducted by Deloitte found that more than half of men surveyed fear that taking parental leave would send a message that they don’t care about their job.
“Parental leave is about much more than recovering from a medical event,” Deepa Purushothaman, the principal of Deloitte Consulting LLP and national managing principal of Deloitte’s Women’s Initiative, said in a release at the time. “It’s about bonding with a new child—and that goes for fathers as well as mothers. Many employees, male and female, are coming to expect the flexibility to support caregiving and family needs, and employers can help by ensuring their people are not stuck deciding between their job and family.”

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