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Creating my research book

I have been working on my interactive research book non stop for the past few days, it is slowly getting there and I am planning on having all the research section finished by tomorrow afternoon so I can start doing my mini briefs. I am really pushing myself to finish it all by Saturday as it is going to take 4 days to get printed and then I need to make my pop ups and other interactive parts before the deadline on the 4th January so would like at least 2 days to do them. Plus I also have my dissertation to finish writing, busy busy busy!!
For now I have been uploading it to ISSUU to preview it for myself (there is currently no front cover, I am designing that separately with a spine for the printers) but here it is at the moment, I will be be re uploading this when it is complete in a few days. If anyone has any suggestions for design improvements so far please feel free to comment, any criticism is welcome!

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