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One aspect that could affect a child’s preference to certain toys is through advertising and marketing, this is an area I feel like I needed to look into deeper so completed a task today analysing 30 adverts.I got the idea for doing this from an article I had read from last December which analysed 250 adverts – 250 children’s adverts analysed
I wanted to see for myself if I would get similar results.
For this task I watched 30 adverts taken from 3 youtube links

These have both been posted in the last 6 months so I believe they would be relevant to my project.
For each advert I wrote down the voiceover on the advert, the gender of the voiceover and the gender of the children in the adverts. I am not going to post all the notes on here as it is 18 pages long but you get can get idea from the picture below and this one example too –
*EXAMPLE* AD 14 – qixels
qixels the cubes that fuse with water choose your design and build it up blast them with water and watch your cubes magically fuse there’s hundreds of designs you can create qixel ninjas warriors monsters skeletons and more craft your own real life pixels of the world with qixels

  • All boys
  • Male voiceover

What I found –

  • 37% of adverts were aimed at both genders
  • 40% of adverts were aimed at females
  • 20% of adverts were aimed at males
  • 3% of adverts were not aimed at anyone specifically
  • In the ‘gender neutral’ advert there was an average boy to girl ratio of 3:2 – things that are perceived as gender neutral are mostly male, this reinforces that girls can do ‘boys’ things but boys can’t do ‘girls’ things
  • The ‘gender neutral’ adverts had a nearly 50/50 divide of male and female voiceovers, 53% were male, 47% were female

I then printed all my notes off and highlighted the key points in the voiceovers, this was then typed into wordle to create 3 word clouds to see if any key words popped up in the ‘gender neutral’ adverts, the ‘boys’ adverts and the ‘girls’ adverts
Gender neutral adverts
Boys adverts
Girls adverts
The common words popping up for the seperate gender ads were not surprising, boys being associated with cars, dinosaurs, robots, craziness, electricity, building and discovery then the girls being associated with magic, friends, princesses, nails, design and fairytales.

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