Preparation for Focus Group

This week I have been sorting out everything I need for my focus group on Thursday. Most of my toys have arrived, I have 1 more due to come tomorrow so will take a picture when they are all here.
Today I have made some circular cards with 3 faces on for rating how much the child likes the toy and then 3 for whether its a girl, a boy or both.
When conducting the focus group I am going to show each child individually the 8 toys and ask them to place them in order of how much they like them using the 3 faces. Then ask them to place them on each circle for whether they think the toys if for boys only, girls only or both. By using this method hopefully the child will not lose attention as they are just 2 simple tasks. I can then present all these results by showing images of the toys on the different circles when the child isn’t present as I am not allowed to take photos or videos in the school. I think this is the best way to go about conducting this research.

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