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Creating my research book

The past couple of days I have had a bit of a break from exploration due to our courses Christmas party so haven’t really had much to post but today I have been back on it and carried on laying out my book as I need to get this done and printed at least a week before the deadline to get on with making the interactive parts. I’ve contacted a printers to get a quote for 3 books, 2 for just in case I mess up the first lot of cutting out and then a spare one for a flat copy in case I completely mess up the interactive parts (hopefully this won’t happen!) I am going to practice these parts on a quick printed version from the printers at uni to plan it all out.
I also had a tutor meeting today and after showing my 6 mini briefs it was suggested to put them into some sort of order to help make sense of them when communicating each one so I have inserted a page in my book where I am going to show them on a scale from least provocative to most provocative as some are pretty straight forward and some are more controversial.
How can design help reduced the current gender stereotypes in advertising and marketing?
How can design help change the mindset of parents enforcing gender roles?
How can design help humans adopt male and female roles?
How can design help encourage females into stereotypical male job roles?
How can design help encourage males into stereotypical female job roles?
How can design help encourage genderstereotypes as these help children understand social norms?
Tomorrow in our group we are all going to get together and write our mini brief titles on paper and have an idea generation session to help each other come up with initial quick ideas.
My plan for the rest of the day is to start organising my equipment for my focus group, making my flash cards and deciding what toys to bring with me.
On a side note the Christmas party was so fun and it was good to have a break and a night out with everyone away from work for a bit! 🙂 I think it helps to leave it for a couple of days sometimes to come back with a fresh mindset

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