Wacom sketching for research book

I haven’t done much on exploration today as I am also trying to get as much of my dissertation done for next week before uni breaks up for Christmas. But I have been messing around with my wacom tablet a bit this morning, trying to get used to using it again as I really want to have an illustrated pop up book for my final deliverable. I think I am going to try and follow a few tutorials this weekend and just do parts of it as I continue with research so its not all left to do at the end.
The best way I think for me to go about it is to do a quick sketch on paper with a pencil and pen and then scan it in and use my wacom to trace over and colour it on illustrator. I have tried one thing today, a bush to with yellow fruit and red leaves on for the fact about women having a more superior eye sight detecting the colours against the green foliage as they are more sensitive to the red colour spectrum.

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