Delight in Light Competition

I have just submitted my light for the delight in light competition, my “Bedtime Buddy”
Bedtime Buddy competition entry
If anyone can click the link above and vote for it by pressing the Facebook like button I would really appreciate it 🙂
Bedtime Buddy, the customisable night light to help children overcome their fear of the dark.
Children between 2-3 years begin to use their imagination, however at this age cannot distinguish between fantasy and reality so often develop a fear of the dark. Using this overactive imagination I have designed the “Bedtime Buddy” which they can customise by sticking features onto to create their own nighttime guardian.
At nighttime the “Buddy” is placed into the base, this turns on the light and sets a timer which dims down the bulb over 1 hour to help ensure an undisturbed nights sleep.

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