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REBLOG – The Man vs. Pink Alternative Christmas Gift Guide For Girls (and Boys) — Man vs. Pink

Choosing gifts for girls should be easy. If you know what they’re into, buy something related to that. If you don’t know, then try and find out. However, when the buyer (whether relative, classmate, or family friend) doesn’t know them well enough, they often chance it – and this is when gender stereotypes come into … Read more

Creating my research book

I have been working on my interactive research book non stop for the past few days, it is slowly getting there and I am planning on having all the research section finished by tomorrow afternoon so I can start doing my mini briefs. I am really pushing myself to finish it all by Saturday as … Read more

Parents opinions

One part of my field research is to get the opinions of parents to see how they react to different gender stereotypes. I have designed a survey with a set of statements for them to rate whether they strongly disagree or strongly agree on a scale of 0-10. Both boys and girls really need to … Read more

Adverts analysis

One aspect that could affect a child’s preference to certain toys is through advertising and marketing, this is an area I feel like I needed to look into deeper so completed a task today analysing 30 adverts.I got the idea for doing this from an article I had read from last December which analysed 250 … Read more

Focus group results 

The focus group today went really well and I managed to get 4 boys and 4 girls (aged 3-4) opinions on all the toys I had. For legal reasons I couldn’t take any photos or film but I noted down all the results and got to take some pictures of my equipment on the table … Read more