Play research and interim

Play research
Another part of my desk research was looking into why play is important in the early years of life. This research was important to get a better understanding about playtime to help with my design thinking when coming up with toy ideas.
Some of the things I found or were

  • 75% of brain development happens after birth
  • A child brain DOUBLES in size in the first year
  • By the age of 3 it has reached 80% of its adult size

Play helps a child

  • Develop social skills
  • Build confidence
  • Feel loved, happy and safe
  • Learn about caring for others
  • Develop physics skills
  • Connect and refine pathways in the brain

I also looked into the different stages of play throughout the early years of life. Starting with unoccupied play which is from birth to 3 months up to social play which happens around 4 years old.
Play is split into 3 sections

  • Physical play
  • Constructive play
  • Expressive play

Today I also had my interim so for this I collated all the research I had done so far –

The interim seemed to go well and the feedback I received was positive. I got told that I need to bring my research so a conclusion and my tutor suggested that I make myself 6 mini briefs with different directions, some having extreme views, connected to different parts of my research and then coming up with ideas for each of these to help decide what to do for my final major project.

Focus group update
I have had a response from my old school saying I can come in to do my focus group! Yay! So hopefully this will get set up soon. Unfortunately I can’t take any photos or videos but my tutor suggested today to illustrate the focus group/get someone else to take notes while I carry out the research to help document everything that happens.

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