Nature VS Nurture debate and survey results

Today I have been trying to compile my research together as I have an interim on Wednesday morning. The first thing I wanted to finish was my research into male and female differences due to nature as I have an interview with Dr Nick Neave tomorrow at half 10 and want to make sure I have enough of my own knowledge to talk to him.
From what I had already found (the top piles with pink sticky notes on), I developed on this and went further into the evolutionary differences of why these innate characteristics were helpful back then, men being hunters needed better target accuracy, visuo spatial abilities and colour blindness to detect and evade predators, help track down prey and distinguish camouflaged objects. Women were gathers and child bearers and needed better sight, brighter colour preferences and better attention and location memory to help with gathering food, detecting yellow fruit and edible red leaves against green foliage backgrounds and taking care of infants by detecting a flushing face.
I also looked into how testosterone affects a male in terms on their personalities, they have a higher sex drive, are more aggressive, more competitive and have better visuo spatial abilities.
Lastly the aesthetic preferences, a test was done on men and women summarising there own drawings and paintings.
Men tended to go for more vertical lines, technical drawings, 3D shape and machines.
Women tended to go for more rounded lines, less technical, colourful and flowers.
From all these differences in men and women its not a surprise that toy manufacturers purposely genderise toys as there are innate differences in our brains which make us more attracted to certain things.
However my argument is that these abilities were useful a long long time ago and we have developed so much that there are so many things in our environment influencing us from the day we are born, therefore I still firmly believe that it is more nurture over nature in this day and age. According to the documentary I watched which I mentioned in my first exploration post, the differences between males and females personalities/preferences is smaller than the differences between groups of males together and groups of females together.
Focus group update
The focus group I was hoping to carry out hasn’t had any response from the original nursery, however I have had a reply from my old school which seems quite positive so I am going to reply to that today and hope that I get something from it otherwise I don’t really know how I am going to do any experiments on children yet which would be quite dissapointing!
Survey results
Lastly I have collated my survey results today. The results have been really positive showing a how peoples toys from when they were younger have connected to their careers/interests nowadays. Its also interesting to see what factors encourage/discourage children from playing with certain toys and what toys each gender was mainly encouraged/discouraged from playing with.
Extra notes from my book are shown below –

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