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Play research and interim

Play research Another part of my desk research was looking into why play is important in the early years of life. This research was important to get a better understanding about playtime to help with my design thinking when coming up with toy ideas. Some of the things I found or were 75% of brain … Read more

Interview with Dr Nick Neave

Before my interview with Dr Neave I decided to quickly write up the other experiments I had seen from the BBC documentary to bring along with my sticky notes (desk research) and survey results too. At the interview I showed him my work so far and explained what my end goal was going to hopefully … Read more

Nature VS Nurture debate and survey results

Today I have been trying to compile my research together as I have an interim on Wednesday morning. The first thing I wanted to finish was my research into male and female differences due to nature as I have an interview with Dr Nick Neave tomorrow at half 10 and want to make sure I … Read more

Planning and organising my exploration project

I think I am going to try and do at least 1 blog post a day to keep a track of how my exploration project is going, a bit like a diary of work. So whats happened since yesterday… Well I have managed to get an appointment with Dr Nick Neave, this is happening on … Read more

Exploration project beginning

So it’s the start of my exploration project, the basis for my final major project and I have decided that I want to look into the topic area of gender roles in toy design as I find this area so interesting and it ties in well with my dissertation too (During the 1980s and 1990s … Read more