Red Bubble Designs

So I decided to start doing some graphic design work over summer using red bubble as a platform to sell these commercially. I firstly started with a couple of simple designs to do with instagram trends on “brows” trying to appeal to a wide audience using things like the hashtag #onfleek and word play “Winging my liner like I’m winging my life”

I have placed these on products on red bubble, below are a few examples of these –

I then thought about what other designs I could do using instagram trends and did my own take on the dripping lips. I started this by taking photos of my own lips with lipgloss dripping from them.
After this I used this as a template to paint my own watercolour to try and replicate the dripping effect. This was my final result.
Using this I then turned it into a png with a white background to then place onto the products on red bubble. I have shown a few examples of these below –

As you can see above there is a purple version of the dripping lips too, I have done this using photoshop to edit the original painting.
To purchase or view any of my designs on red bubble please just follow the link here – Teepeecreations Shop

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