Nail polish red bubble design

More designs! I have been working on a new graphic design for my red bubble page using text and illustrator to create “I am only helpless while my nail polish is drying …other than that watch out” using simple black and red writing and adding in a couple of details of dripping nail polish, to … Read more

Rethinkthings LTD work placement

Over the past 3 months I have been on work placement working at a company called Rethinkthings LTD as a design intern mainly doing web based design, photography and designing a catalogue. Below I have shown the diary which I wrote recording the work I did.   I am currently still working at the company as … Read more

Red Bubble Designs

So I decided to start doing some graphic design work over summer using red bubble as a platform to sell these commercially. I firstly started with a couple of simple designs to do with instagram trends on “brows” trying to appeal to a wide audience using things like the hashtag #onfleek and word play “Winging … Read more