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Portal – The Good Wood TV

Over the past 6 weeks I have been working on a group project called “Portal” the aim of this project was to design a new TV. We worked in groups of 3’s and separated the job roles into Product, Service and Interaction. My part was the interaction.
When designing our TV we stuck to 3 USP’s, these being

  • Sustainability
  • Personalisable
  • Longevity

I have attached the final boards for our project below. Our concept was a TV that could be ordered online, this would have a section where the user could choose from a range of sustainable woods, choose how difficult the TV is the build, choose what technology goes inside the TV and then choose a contract as our TV’s are meant to be rented out like a phone and then owned at the end of the contract. The user could also recycle or upgrade the TV at the end of this contract. Once the TV arrives at the users house it would come in flat pack packaging which would then be built up to create the TV. This would also come with a leaflet with a back story about where the materials of the TV came from to create an emotional connection with the user. They would then set the TV up which would be connected to their contract. The TV screens would be personalisable with colour (the tv guides etc.) and then the main menus backgrounds would be all black, this actually saves energy which we found from an all black google page called Blackle – http://www.blackle.com
We would also have a repair service where the user can get there TV fixed/fix themselves or send back a part for replacement. This whole package with the contract encourages the user to keep the TV for longer as they can upgrade and repair it to keep up with new technology. It would basically work in a similar way to a phone contract.

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Product Board 1

Product Board 2

Service Board 1

Service Board 2

Service Board 3

Interaction Board 1

Interaction Board 2


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