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Seven Stories are taking our idea on!!

So for the past couple of weeks our Seven Stories group have been furthering our project after lots of advice. We know have a fully defined idea which is going to be functional hopefully in 2017 for the comic book theme. My part of the group was prototyping, writing the brief for illustrators/writers and creating the presentation. We presented out idea on Wednesday morning and smashed it!! Below I have attached our final presentation which includes all the work we did. This is the summary of the idea which is also written in the brief (which I will also attach!)  –
“‘Once Upon a Tyne’ is a new way of bringing children into Seven Stories. It is an activity to encourage children, particularly 7-12 year olds, to be creative and also to advertise Seven Stories.
The proposal is to create 16 cardboard cut out stands 1800mm x 1200mm. On each of these stands there will be an image with a character on for the child to interact with by placing their head through the hole and taking a photo.
Outside of Seven Stories:
Nine stands will purely be for advertising and be placed in the NGCV venues. The idea is that the child will see the stand, the parent will take a picture with them and collect a leaflet from the perspex box on the front which explains what the whole idea is.
Inside Seven Stories:
Seven stands will be around the building, one on each floor of the visitor’s centre. These will be more interactive, encouraging additional play; for example, some will have multiple head holes, magnets and whiteboards to make the stand more personal to them before taking a photo in it. These photos can then be uploaded onto a special section of Seven Stories’ website and the child can create a story from these. Each photo will be a different page of the book and then the last page will be completely customisable so that they create their own ending. Interactions can be added to these pages, such as sounds, extra objects and movement. Once this is created, the child will submit the story, which will then be considered for potential publication within Seven Stories promotional material, as well as winning additional prizes, including meeting an Author or Illustrator.
All of these stands will be adaptable to match the exhibition content. The next exhibiton that is going to be running through the building is on comic books, so the first iteration of the stands will follow this theme.”
The reason we needed to write a brief was for an illustrator and writer to create a story for the stands inside Seven Stories. This would be commissioned work which would be on display.
I had so much fun working on this project and I am excited to see it going into industry. I will also attach the presentation so you can see the work we presented to Seven Stories.
Let us know what your thoughts are on it all! 🙂

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