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Seven Stories!

Over the past 3 weeks we have had a group project to help encourage children to visit 7 stories in Newcastle. This was the basic brief – Seven Stories want to understand how they could and should engage with 7-
12 year olds so that they are encouraged to:
* Visit (or revisit Seven Stories);
* Buy a book;
* And be inspired to read for pleasure or do a creative activity (such as
writing, drawing, creating a YouTube video etc.) as a result of what
they have done or seen.
Things to consider:
* What are children interested in at that age?
* What are they reading?
* How are they encouraged to read?
* What would parents pay for?
* How can an activity or event prompt engagement with literature?
In groups of no more than 8, you should develop an offer that will help Seven
Stories to engage with this target audience. You can consider any and all
types of design objects, including: an exhibition; an event or series of events;
marketing; new partnerships; activities; books; digital platforms etc.
Our group went down a route to create an interactive card board cut out, these would be placed around Newcastle in certain areas with different scenes on. The child would get there picture taken in each scenario and at the end of this end at Seven Stories and create a story by sticking in the pictures and writing it up. We thought they could receive a certificate for participating and money off in the shop as an incentive and the parents would also receive a voucher for a free coffee for taking them around. Future ideas could also include changing the stand to fit the current theme that Seven Stories has on at the time for example Marvel, Harry Potter, David Walliams.
Here is our final presentation representing our idea –
(link to pdf here) 7S KN Thursday Presentation.compressed
We received such positive feedback that they want us to carry on the idea. Today we have had a briefing with seven stories again where they have given us ideas on how to take it further. In 2 weeks they want us to come up with a fully developed project that will be used in February.

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