The beginning of waste not want not…

So I have sat and done some research today on food waste, its so shocking how much money we could save from not wasting food and also importantly what an impact it has on our environment.
In the UK alone 15 million tonnes of food is thrown away every year! and 7 million tonnes of that comes from our home. Apparently if we stopped wasting food that could have been eaten then the benefit to the planet would be the equivalent of taking 1 in 4 cars off the road. It also costs the average household £470/year in wasted food.
The main reasons we waste food is that we cook/prepare too much or we don’t use it in time.
I have started to think about how we could encourage people to not waste food and have started to come up with an initial idea of some sort of app that could connect to our food shop. This app could scan all our food in to a virtual kitchen and help us create recipes that would be most efficient for eating the food before it runs out of date. This would not only save food but also save the user money.
This app could connect to your online shop or inshore shop by simple scanning a bar code. Once the food has been eaten from the virtual kitchen it can be easily swiped off.
I have also been thinking that the app could connect between more than one person in a household where they can plan meals together which also helps people save food and money.
Another feature could be a substitute system in which the app could suggest other foods on your shop that would last longer, e.g frozen peas instead of fresh peas. It could also look at your history of shopping and anything that isn’t getting eaten in time etc. it could remind you that it might not be a good idea to buy again or suggest something to buy with it to create a meal.
On the days when you have a few things going out of date it could try and combine these things to create a meal instead of you throwing out the food.
These are my initial ideas for this app, I have done a few brainstorming pages about this which I have shown below and any feedback is welcome 🙂

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