3rd year!

So I have had a great summer and now its time for my 3rd year at Northumbria University, we have already been given a brief, a design competition called “RSA Student Design Awards” is running and we have been given this as our first project. There are 12 briefs to choose from, you can check them out here – and I think I have already decided I would like to tackle the “Waste not, want not” brief.
Challenge and scope
“Food waste is a growing issue. It is estimated that 50% of grown food goes to waste globally and 33% of all food produced is not eaten and goes to waste – accounting for 1.3bn tonnes or 750bn USD. 28% of food produced from arable land is never eaten – while we cut down forests to increase arable land (source UN).
Busy urban lifestyles have signalled major changes to the way we as a population live and consume; many of us live in small city flats, often in one-person households, where there is very little food storage space. In addition, we live in an ‘all you can eat’ culture perpetuated by the notion that having a lot of choice is a sign of prosperity, together with a sense of value for money – in this case, unlimited food for a relatively small amount of money.”
I have already started brainstorming as you can see with my picture of my sticky notes below and will keep you up to date on what I am doing! My goal this year is to be a lot more active with my blog as I feel I have become lazy with it, so look forward to a lot more active Toni over the coming months!

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