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Over the past few months I have been working in a group on a project called ‘Shine’. This was the brief for this project –
Working with scientists from this university, your task is to generate meaningful concepts for applying light technology.
You should adopt a ‘blue sky’ approach. In other words, you should be as creatively open as possible to how this technology could be used. Your concepts could answer a specific issue or be playful and poetic. Potentially, wherever lights are currently used, you could use this technology or you could find completely new uses.
You can and should think some years into the future and anticipate how other technologies might develop as well as how our lives might change.
You should initially tackle this task by thinking about possible scenarios for using the technology. You can do this by thinking about different groups – eg. the elderly, children; by thinking about activities – eg. travelling; or different contexts – eg. in the home, the street etc. You can explore different scenarios by mixing-and-matching using the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘how’ method introduced in the first year.
You should also make use of some of the idea generation and research methods set out in the links to the right. You should select which methods are most appropriate and when to use them – some methods are good for generating initial insights and ideas, while others are good for developing and refining your concepts.
In particular, you should think about using a method such as video prototyping as a way of testing and iterating your concepts.
Finally, you should develop one or more final concepts. You should present your application – whether this is a new device or an installation into an existing context – and you should communicate anticipated scenario(s) of how your concept will be experienced (eg. through a refined video prototype or storyboards).
Here I have shown some of the work we did for our final concept including research, initial ideas, video stills and our final concept board.
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