National Glass Centre

A couple of weeks ago we visited the National Glass Centre in Sunderland. This was an okay trip, quite unsuccessful seen as two of that talks we had booked were cancelled! However we got to watch a demonstration of a vase being blown by hand which was fascinating and we got free tea and scones at lunch! 🙂
I took a few photos while I was there –
IMG_4576These are some bits of glass work that Year 8 students had made when they were visiting the centre. They lay on the glass roof that is on top of the building and took pictures of their silhouettes and then created these glass figures from the photos.
IMG_4583 IMG_4584 IMG_4585 IMG_4590This was an art installation based on ear plugs that the ancient Egyptians used to stretch their ears with. The whole structure was also placed to look like the River Nile.
IMG_4591 IMG_4592These were a couple of items from the gift shop which were handmade in the centre. I particularly like the second one as I love all the little bubbles and the colours swirling through the middle of it.
IMG_4593 IMG_4594These were another couple of pictures I took of things in the gift shop.
I would definitely recommend going having a look around as seeing the glass being blown right in front of you is a good experience 🙂

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