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So over the past month and a half I think.. we have been designing for a competition by Lexus, check it out on this link – http://www.designboom.com/competition/lexus-design-award-2015/
This competition was all to do with designing for the senses. After a lot of research and idea development this was my final idea –

My art installation consists of 4 rounded chairs that would contain 4 different significant memories that most people around the world share. To find out popular memories I interviewed several people out in the town of Newcastle-upon-Tyne to see what they thought they could remember the most. In the end I decided to do ‘holiday’, ‘new years’, ‘christmas’ and ‘birthday’. In each of the chairs certain smells, things to touch and sounds would start to appear to help the user recall memory through their senses. This installation would be outdoors in a public place where people could go and explore these memories whilst on a walk for example.
jpeg1 jpeg2 jpeg3 jpeg4 jpeg5 jpeg6
Let me know what you think, any suggestions for a change? Like/dislike 🙂


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