Al Fresco

I am currently working on a project called Al Fresco. The project is to come up with something that would help with eating on the go. I have 3 main ideas but could really do with some helpful criticism to further develop them. If anyone could give me there honest opinion on my work it would be really helpful!
Thanks 🙂
The first is a spinning lunchbox. This has 5 compartments for each day of the week. The concept is that the owner would create food at the weekend for each slot. This lunchbox would keep the food fresh all week and in the morning the owner would spin the top to see which lunch they are taking to work. The whole point is to encourage the user to eat something different everyday for their lunch as I found a problem in my research that most people didn’t eat a varied amount of food for their lunch at work/college etc. It could also be used for picnics in bigger sizes and smaller ones could be made for children. The boxes are collapsable for storage and can also be stacked on top of each other for help with moving around.
The second concept is a puzzle lunchbox. My idea here is to help healthy eating making it harder for the user to go straight for the sugary food in their meal. To encourage them to eat their healthier food and have the sugars as a ‘reward’ for completing the puzzle. It could be mainly for children targeting a younger audience to encourage healthy eating at a young age. CONCEPT 3 FINALThe last idea I have is a mystery lunch. This would be sold in shops and the point would be that the user would not know what they were buying. 3 options would be shown so then the user can decided whether they would want any of the 3 available. It would encourage people to eat something different everyday and would be also a fit of fun at lunchtime. The cloches could be recycled or be on some sort of deposit system where the customer brings back the cloche to get back some money. This would be cheaper than a normal meal deal as the consumer doesn’t have a choice in their lunch.

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