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InDesign Leaflet

Over this semester at uni I have been learning how to use InDesign. This software helps to create layouts. This was the brief we were given for this class –
InDesign is professional layout software. Used by graphic designers
and publishers worldwide, it is one of the main tools for arranging
and managing content – text, graphics, images – in documents for
publication. Along with Photoshop and Illustrator, it is an extremely
important piece of software for product designers. By mastering
InDesign, you should be capable of producing presentations (for
print or screen) to a very high standard.
This series of 5 lectures should equip you with the skills to use
InDesign confidently. In addition to classroom-based teaching, you
should experiment with the programme and further familiarise
yourself with its functions.
You will produce a fold-out document which unfolds in the same
way as a pocket map. The document will be A3 when fully unfolded.
When folded it will be A7 in size (74mm x 105mm).
You may choose any content you wish but you should layout both
sides of the document in such a way as to make best use of the
experience of unfolding it. It is for you to creatively interpret the
possibilities of this format but, as general advice:
• Think about what content is shown with each stage of
• You can use the act of unfolding to reflect the hierarchy of
the content – this may be used to reflect the importance of
the information, for example, or a chronology.
• You can use one side of the unfolded document as a
poster, if you wish.
Your chosen content should be shown through appropriate use of
text, graphics and images.
Suggestions for content include a mini-portfolio (for yourself or
another designer); a visual CV; or to present a movement within
design (eg. Postmodernism). You could also use the document to
present a story or as a game. You choose the theme. Whatever
theme you choose, be creative!
We recommend that you plan your document (and how the content
will be revealed) by making mock-ups and test prints.
Work Requirements
You should produce your document in InDesign (in either landscape
or portrait formats, as suited to your design).
Your document will consist of 2 x A3 spreads – one for each side of
the unfolded document
You must export your file as a pdf and upload it to the
You are also required to print and fold your document (it is preferred
that you print your document on both sides but, to ease pressure on
printing facilities, you may submit 2 pages – one for each side of the
In addition to your document, you should submit your InDesign file.
This should show evidence of an underlying structure used to
organize your presentation graphically. It should also show good
management of the document’s content, including appropriate use
of links and layers.
I chose to create a children’s healthy eating leaflet. I designed the characters on photoshop myself creating 5 fruit/vegetables to put across the message to children of eating 5-a-day in a fun way. These were my final 2 sides of the leaflet which would obviously be folded to create an a7 leaflet.
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