Pet Pyramid

Pet Cemetery

This is the brief we had been given 3 weeks ago –
A designer should think not only about the functional properties of a
design proposal but also the emotional and experience qualities of a
This task builds on previous assignments in which you explore
structure – and, in particular, transforming 2D materials to 3D form –
but places a greater emphasis on other aspects which contribute to the
‘meaning’ of an object.
You are six years old. You awake one morning to discover that…
your goldfish is floating in its tank…
your hamster is lying on its back…
your snake will be slithering no more….
(you get the idea).
After the initial upset, your 6-year old self will naturally want to bury
(or otherwise dispose of) your pet’s earthly remains.
Your task is to design a paper coffin for a small family pet. You may
select any pet you wish providing it’s a small animal no larger than, say,
a rabbit. You are free to choose fairly exotic animals or more typical
household pets.
The coffin should come as a kit in which the final 3D form is made as a
pop-up from flat card. The user should understand how to ‘construct’
the final coffin either because of visual indications on the card itself or
by following a simple set of instructions (an annotated diagram).
The coffin should provide a closed package for your chosen pet’s
remains. You can select whether your coffin will be buried, cremated or
follow an alternative ritual. You may wish to consider how your design
facilitates your chosen means of disposal.
In addition to addressing the functional requirements of the coffin, you
should consider how it might support ritual aspects of burial – for
example, how the coffin might allow for personalization or what role the
design might play in the ‘funeral’ ceremony.
• Your concept should be left as plain card although you may
indicate areas for the user to apply their own markings.
• The coffin should be constructed from one or more flat pieces
of card for construction by the user.
You may not use the laser cutter.
• No animals are to be harmed as part of this project. Please
DO NOT supply an animal for your packaging (whether alive
or dead).
• The package should be openable and resealable.
My response to this brief was to create an Egyptian style coffin for a bird. The coffin is pyramid shaped to represent the Egyptian pyramids and inside there would be a box for the child to put things like photos, food, and toys for the bird to take to the ‘After Life’ when buried.
Here is my project board showing my work 🙂
Pet Pyramid

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