Moving University

I am no longer a student at The University of Salford! I left this year and reapplied for a similar course at Northumbria University, this was due to me wanting to live further away and have new experiences 🙂 so I will be carrying on my blog but now my work will be from a new uni.
On my first week we did a team building exercise doing a treasure hunt around Newcastle. We got given a map and clues and had to find all sorts, I enjoyed this and got chatting to few people 🙂 even though it took us over 5 hours to do! It was worth it as we got a free goody bag with bits of drawing stuff in 🙂
On my second week we have done another team building exercise which lasted a week where we were given a brief. This told us about an egg drop challenge that we had to do on the friday at the beach. We were told that we had a circle of 3m radius that we could not enter and this had a mound of sand of 0.8m high which we had to drop as many eggs as we could on without them cracking. Our team came up with an idea which involved a sheet of tarpaulin which was 6m long. This had bamboo sticks put down the sides and a hole was cut in the middle of this. We held the 2 sides of the sheet and folded it in to make a kind of tunnel and then the eggs would slide down this at either side and drop through the hole. We thought we had a winner but unfortunately lost to a team which got 46 and we sadly got 14. However it was a good experience and a fun day out 🙂

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