cake factory

Electrolux Design Lab entry

My product is a cake factory which I have created for the whole family to have fun baking together. This is mainly created for kids with the bright colours and the different functions which are fun to watch and use. Each section of the factory is see through so the children can see what is happening as the cakes are made. The whole thing pulls apart and clips back together for easy storage and with it being in a pillar, this would take up less space on the table. There are also two discs at the bottom of it to balance it out when the two ‘floating’ stations are pulled out. These can also be used for putting the baking tray on when pouring the mix out and decorating the cakes.
The first part of the process is the mixing station. This is used by pouring all the ingredients in the top, and then when turned on, the Archimedean screw spins around the cylinder and also spins itself to mix the ingredients and push them down to the bottom. When this is done, the lever would then be pulled to push the ingredients out of the bottom and into the cake holders.
The second part of the cake factory is the oven, this is where the cakes are baked and then are also cooled down afterwards. The oven can hold about 6 cupcakes at a time.
The last part of process is the decorating station. This has 5 separate functions that can be refilled at the top. They come out of the main cylinder by being pushed at the bottom and dropping down. The first one is the icing cylinder; this is a squishy tube which is squeezed to line the cake with icing. The second function is the sprinkles which are dispensed like a salt grinder by twisting the bottom. Cartoon toppers are the third decoration and these are placed on the cupcake by releasing one with a button and then pulling the surface out and flipping it over. The fourth decoration are silver balls, these are released with a button and then fall down through a pinball like board hitting the pegs as they go along. Lastly the candy pieces are the fifth decoration, these are released by a button and slide down the spinning slide and then landing on the cake. All these different functions are meant to be fun unique ways of decorating the cupcakes for kids.
I think that my idea fulfils the brief of social cooking as it brings the whole family together in a new unique way of baking cakes.
cake factory

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