SWOT analysis

For our establishing professional practice part of the course we have been asked to do a SWOT analysis. Below is my analysis of myself.
Personal SWOT analysis worksheet


Internal factors – personal attributesStrengths:

  • Researching skills
  • Organisation
  • Motivated and determined to do well
  • Self critical
  • Working to deadline
  • Have previous experience with Adobe Photoshop for my Art A-level

  • Drawing
  • Coming up with new ideas
  • Using marker pens
  • Self critical
  • Get stressed out easily if I don’t get what I think I am capable of
  • Scared of speaking to a large group of people I don’t know
External factors – environmental attributesOpportunities:

  • Have connections with people from my class for help
  • My goal is to own a design firm one day selling a product I have created

  • Live 30 minutes away and have to drive in every day meaning I am sometimes late and also this makes me tired on my way home
  • Have a part time job which takes up 16 hours a week and sometimes I am working till 6am which normally means the next day I am too tired to do any work

Action Plan – what you intend to do

StrengthsKeep up my organisation, don’t get lazy with my work and continue developing my research skills and Photoshop work.
WeaknessesPractice drawing and using my marker pens more often. Try to learn to cope with my stress/ don’t let myself down. Practice speaking in front of people to gain my confidence.
OpportunitiesContinue discussing work with peers and work towards my goal by getting as much experience as I can in the design industry to raise money to create my own business.
ThreatsAs I take up time driving to and from university, I am planning on moving into Salford to make my journey shorter. To balance my work out I need to make sure that when I do have free time to do coursework, I make sure I do it rather than leaving it as I may not have time to do anything for the rest of the week.

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